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The Christian Tarot depicts the Life of Christ and teaches us how to emulate this great spiritual being to the best of our ability.


In the Christian faith our life starts at birth.  We take our first breath and we enter this world.  Everything we do in life has a beginning and that beginning is a birth.  From that beginning, Christian doctrine varies from denomination to denomination.  But there are three primary doctrines regarding the birth of a child.  Most denominations accept one or more of these doctrines and reject others.  Some reject them all.


In the Christian Tarot we look at Original Sin as being all the garbage we bring with us when we decide to incarnate in this physical world.  Whatever problems, issues or gifts we had before we were born, we bring those things with us when we decide to incarnate into this physical world.

Some churches claim the Doctrine of Original Sin says we came into this lifetime filled with the original sin of Adam and Eve.  That original sin is explained by various denominations as being many things, including:

  1. The sin of pride
  2. Any or all of the Seven Cardinal Sins
  3. Sex
  4. Shame
  5. Wrongful intentions
  6. Expectations
  7. Sins of the fathers and forefathers
  8. Past Karma
  9. Trying to be like the Divine

We believe everybody came into this world free of all sin, pure and unsoiled.  We believe we are who we are today not because of original sin, but because of the choices we made in our lives.  We believe that if those choices were wrong, God will forgive us if we forgive ourselves.  We believe that if other people hurt us, God will forgive them when we do.  We believe that if we hurt other people, God will forgive us when the people we hurt do. 

We also believe that when we die, we go into God's presence where we forgive everybody.  When the people we hurt die, they will go into God's presence and forgive us.  We believe this is so, because when we speak with people on the other side, they tell us this is so.


We believe the Divine is all there is and the Divine created each of us as an individualized expression of the Divine.  If you have any doubts about this, please read the wonderful booklet published many years ago called the Kybalion.  You may obtain a free copy of this magnificent book at:

[ The Kybalion as a PDF file ]

[ The Kybalion as a Word file ]

Modern science is proving the differences between us is infinitesimally small.  In fact the differences between the DNA of humanity and the animal kingdom is infinitesimally small.  We have more DNA in common with bacteria, molds, fungi and the Plant Kingdom than not - much more.   Almost every part of our DNA is identical to the DNA of everything else on the planet.  Everything in the creation appears to be extremely similar to everything else. 

Yet, in spite of this, some Christians reject the Law of One and embrace a Law of Many.  They have many different Gods and Goddesses, Demons and other evil entities doing many different things.  Some accept the Law of Two and call it the Law of Good and Evil.  This means there is a God doing good and a Devil doing evil and everybody else is in between.  Those in-between are the battlefield of evil.

More than that, many Christians believe they are better than everybody and everything else in the creation.  We don't believe any of that nonsense.  We believe everything and everybody God made is basically good; and it's our job to bring out the good in ourselves.  Nobody else will do it for us.  We need to bring out our own good by ourselves.  The Christian Tarot can help you do that.

In the Christian Tarot we consider everything in the creation to be the result of One Divine Being.  This One Being empowered each of us to be a co-creator and allowed everything to be created.  Everything can include everything including gods, goddesses, lords and ladies among other things.


This doctrine indicates we all have a Divine purpose or we wouldn't be here.  What that Divine purpose might be is an open debate between many Christian sects.  The Master Jesus told us to love each other as we love ourselves.  Some Christians believe that is our Divine purpose.  Others believe we have other purposes.  Some even reject the idea we have a Divine purpose at all.

In the Christian Tarot we believe every person has a Divine Purpose and we believe that divine purpose can be explored with the tarot.  Our suggestion is to be open to exploring your own divine purpose until you find it.


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The Christian Tarot attempts to explain the purpose of life in a way that's both easily understood and useful.  Our explanation starts with

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